Monday, October 25, 2010

Gazebo Wine Garden

Address: 2 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay

‘Wine is the cause and solution to all of life’s problems’

I received an email from a friend… “keen to have a few cocktails and play some bocce on Sunday?”
Yes. I. Am (well I wasn’t really, I just placed a scarf over the work that had been piling up over the last few weeks and pretended it wasn’t there).

Not actually knowing what bocce was and not having time to google it, I thought it may be wise to downgrade my usual 4 inch heels to 3 – a girl can’t be too uncomfortable if there’s going to be sporting activities involved.

I arrive, it starts to rain, bocce is cancelled (oh well), so my friends and I settle in to this largely alfresco venue. It’s cramped, noisy and rustic but still manages to have a relaxed, friendly ambience.

Gazebo has both an older sister, the Winery bar, and a younger sister, Manly Wine, and like me being a middle child we tend to be a little bit different and need to find our own pride of place. So Gazebo has its own sense of style, with its eclectic furniture settings, from wrought-iron gates, bird cages, oversized roses, live plants growing behind the bar and randomly a shoe wearing fox on the ceiling and collages of the royal family with their heads attached to poodles, which I wasn’t to fond of… they should of at least been corgis.

Somehow though it seems to all come together to be a charming, distinctly French garden bar that is the perfect location for a late afternoon gathering to catch-up, gossip and enjoy the $15 jugs of sangria and Pimms.

Martini rating: 1 – 5 scale

See for yourself:

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