Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hugos Bar Pizza

Address: 33 Bayswater rd, Kings Cross

Hugos or Egos

I have actually been to Hugos once; I sat at the bar, and obviously got a better offer as I never actually had a drink. So I returned with a couple of friends to see what everyone had been talking about.

A few days before I go someone tells me “if posing is your thing then Hugos will suit you down to a tee” obviously they didn’t know me, I am no wall flower and I strut my stuff as I walk up the small flight of stairs into the bar. We are seated instantly and I am immediately impressed by the glowing back-lit marble bar, the arrangement of drinks behind it and the dimly lit surrounds, for a late Sunday night the place is full.

We order some cocktails and pizza and while they are good, the crowd is older, mostly men and indifferent leaving me feeling unimpressed. Hugos Bar Pizza is soon to expand from an 80 seater to a 120-seats for the summer, hopefully this may mean that the male to female ratio will even out a bit. Ladies and gentleman, with the endless amount of pizza places and new cocktail bars in Sydney you are probably better off going there.

As my evening comes to a close, I sit there with my champagne slightly disappointed; lean over and tell my friends… I’m glad I got a better offer the first time.

Martini rating: 1 – 5 scale

See for yourself: http://www.hugos.com.au/

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