Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beresford Hotel

Address: 354 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst

Champagne, gossip and presents... Christmas has arrived

A friend of mine organises an annual Chicks Christmas function, it's fabulous, champagne, gossip and presents, there's nothing more I need in life... well almost, and this years function is at The Bersford Hotel in Darlinghurst.

The facade of the hotel is deceiving as it actually houses a front bar, which is a great place to catch up with friends for a casual drink, a restaurant and a large outdoor courtyard ideal for lazy afternoons.

The place itself is cool and casual, it has a homely and sophisticated atmosphere with the hundreds of beautifully green potted plants both inside the bar and restaurant and outside in the courtyard.

As my friend and I are the first ones to arrive we perch ourselves at the bar while we wait for the others. There's' a cocktail called "Love Box'' on the menu that I really wanted to order, purely for its name, but I didn't like what was in it, so I choose "Easy Dayz" instead (vodka, apricot brandy, fresh pineapple juice and homemade coriander syrup). It's beautiful, which I inform the barman of, who has a charming smile (and black eye... maybe he's a little bit too charming).

As everyone arrives we take our seats at the restaurant where we spend the next few hours, gossiping, telling stories we shouldn't, and maybe having one too many cocktails / wine / champagne and handing out our gifts. Christmas has truly arrived.

I've decided that maybe I should organise my own Chicks Christmas, just so I can attend two.

Martini rating: 1 – 5 scale

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